VOIP & Broadband Speed Test

Concerned about your Internet connectivity speed ? Test your current internet connection here!

Use Our Free VoIP & Broadband Speed Test

OurĀ  VoIP & Broadband Speed Testing Tool offers a comprehensive analysis of the quality and performance of your current internet connection and speed. Examine your upload and download times, your Ping and Jitter as well.


Why Test Your Network?

Unfortunately, slow internet speeds, high packet loss, and even high latency in any network connection can quickly deteriorate not only the quality of VoIP calls, but even the overall service your business pays for.

When working with a provider, it is important to understand the aspects of your network that will determine the quality of your service to help implement a successful solution from the beginning. Depending on the level of service a business requires, VoIP hardware and network configuration each specific implementation will vary greatly.

However, with the results of these tests, users can determine whether their network is up to the job, or if an upgrade will be necessary before adopting a new VoIP solution to ensure the best call quality possible.