About Us

Hull Telecoms is a next generation Cloud Telephony Specialist with a core focus on customer experience and product development. Ensuring that our customers have the ability to evolve and refresh their communications and IT processes so they are always fit for purpose and using leading communications technology.

The modern workplace is fundamentally changing the way businesses communicate and connect with customers and employees alike. Traditional communications systems and solutions have limited feature sets when it comes to digital transformation and lacks the ability to offer integration into modern customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) business systems.

Hull Telecoms product portfolio has been designed specifically to improve business communications as well as offer integration to business systems to provide a seamless experience. Business risks like cybersecurity and availability are a concern and a phone system or internet connection failure can have a detrimental effect on operations and possible reputational damage. Our research has found that 3/4 SME businesses have inadequate security.

Security and service availability is at the centre of everything we do. Our product development and innovation focus on how we can improve availability, security and customer experience.

Our expert team hold some of the industries highest accreditations and certifications.


Hull Telecoms

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